Have you ever wondered why a Chiropractor would check an infant within the first month, week or even hours of his or her life? This was an odd thought not that long ago. Now it’s a common question and a more common thing to do these days. So why should an infant be checked? Well the birth process, even under normal conditions, is frequently the first cause of spinal stress. After the head of the child appears, the physician grabs the baby’s head and twists it around in a figure eight motion, lifting it up to receive the lower shoulder and then down to receive the upper shoulder. This may create significant stress on the spine of the baby. And stress in the spine causes stress to the neurological system. Over sixty percent of all neurological development occurs after birth in the child’s first year of life.This is why it is important for your child to be checked by a Chiropractor and adjusted if needed during the first year of their life. We love helping infants in the office. Treatment is very gentle, and the most overall common change we see in infants is better sleep.


Your Lincoln Chiropractor,

Dr. Horak


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