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The Human Body is Amazing!

Our body’s innate intelligence is so great! Check this out…

  • Your lungs are currently exchanging oxygen through tiny airs sacs into the blood to be delivered to every cell in your body for survival.
  • Your brain makes 2 million cells a second.
  • Your nose (brain) can remember over 50,000 different scents.
  • Energy output of the heart in a 24 hour period is enough to raise 3 fully loaded greyhound buses up into the air.
  • Your digestive system is turning your last meal into energy and new tissue.
  • Your immune cells are constantly on alert and ready to protect you from any foreign invaders.

All done without you having to think about any of it.

The autonomic nervous system directs all of the above activity.

And the chiropractic adjustment helps remove interference from the nervous system and as a result balances the autonomic system.
That’s why the adjustment matters!

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