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Making a Healthier, Better You!

Recently, I attended a Nebraska Chiropractic Physician Association convention and one of the speakers was Dr. Pat Luse, a Chiropractic in the Sioux City area. Dr. Pat has developed a solid weight loss program for patients. He has seen many transformations in people, and today I wanted to shar his list of good foods to eat and focus on. (7 Systems plan) Maintaining a healthy weight is key to overall health and wellness. Along with eating right, physical fitness is key to staying fit.

One helpful tip I want to share with you is: If you want to lose weight with physical activity and with your diet, work out in the mornings before you eat anything. Drink a glass of water then workout. This makes your body turn into a fat burner to start the day. Physical activity after fasting all night will increase your bodies’ fat metabolism. Eat after you exercise in the morning.

One easy to do habit change to create a healthier you! And as always, remember to receive your Chiropractic care on a regular basis to help keep you healthy and functioning well!

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