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Learn From a Toddler

Have you ever watched how a toddler picks up a toy from the floor?  If yes, you have observed perfect bio-mechanics.

When you watch a toddler squat to play with his or her toy on the ground, you won’t see him or her bending at the waist.  A toddler will drop his or her hips, keep an upright torso, maintain a perfect center of gravity while lowering themselves, and then pop right back up with the ease.

You may ask yourself how toddlers acquire proper technique of squatting.  They haven’t been properly taught how to squat when picking up a toy off the ground.  Interestingly enough, their little bodies are innately designed to do it.  At one time in your life, your body worked like that too.  You were able to lift, bend, sit, walk, run, sleep all with perfect, innate bio-mechanics.  Somewhere along the way, your body picked up bad habits and compensated movements that now create pain and physical limitations in your daily life.  Get back to moving the way you were originally designed to!

Health is the return to your innate blueprint.  If you want to get your life back without pain, remind your body how it was originally meant to function and allow your body to be aligned for proper motion.  Sounds like the perfect job for a Chiropractor.

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