Water is everywhere! It’s an essential nutrient for our fields, flowers and most importantly our bodies and brains. The Earth is made up of 75% water and our bodies are no different. Up to 60% of our bodies are water. Our blood is approximately 92% water, our brains 73%, our lungs 83%, our muscles and kidneys 79% water, and even our bones are approximately 31% water. So just how important is water to our bodies? By losing just 2% of the water, our bodies trigger their natural “dehydration management system.”

Especially important is water’s great ability to lubricate our joints. When you are under chiropractic care and subluxations are removed, you are hydrating your joints resulting in an increased range of motion. If there isn’t enough water, our joints won’t maintain their natural position and this will contribute to early arthritis. So, get adjusted, drink plenty of water and that adjustment will hold even better!


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