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Chiropractic helps with TMJ

TMJ pain is usually located at the temporomandibular joint, around the ear, and sometimes extending to the head. Ensuring that the jaw & spine are aligned not only helps release the muscles surrounding the jaw but can help correct TMJ.

TMJ Symptoms include:
– Frequent Headaches
– Lock Jaw
– Painful / Tender Jaw
– Facial Pain
– Popping Jaw Joint Sounds
– Back, Neck and/or Shoulder Pain

It’s important to remember that oftentimes the problem does not always lie within the jaw. Misalignments in the spine can also cause tension thought out the body, including the temporomandibular joint.

Dr. Horak’s gentle and specific adjustments remove misalignments in the spine, reducing nerve tension and pain. We would be honored to help you or your loved one find relief from TMJ pain!

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