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Chiropractic care is like Gardening!

Seeds need care & maintenance while they grow…just like our bodies as we go through life.
With quality and the ample quantity of care & maintenance a seed has an optimal ability to become a healthy plant. To stay healthy, it needs the right care & maintenance. We are just like a seed in the way we will grow more optimally with the right care & maintenance. Nutrition, physical activity, rest, emotions and your nervous system all play a role.
What we have that plants don’t have are vertebra. Within the vertebra is an intimate

relationship with our nervous system. Since our nervous system controls every other system in our body, it’s key to keep it functioning properly. A vertebra misalignment placing pressure on the intervertebral foramen, what the spinal nerve passes through, not only can cause pain and numbness. In fact, pain is usually the last to show and the first to leave. The pressure causes dysfunction in the spinal nerve and nervous system as a whole. Any tissue and organs that are innervated by a specific nerve root then can have dysfunction. For example, a muscle becomes taut/tight without injury to the muscle. Why is the muscle tight? Answer: the nerve that innervates that specific muscle has improper function and is stimulating the muscle dysfunctional. The improper function of the nerve is a lot of the times due to joint dysfunction. This is where chiropractic comes in. Keeping your joints moving properly and aligned helps you function at your best!

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