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The Human Body is Amazing!

Our body’s innate intelligence is so great! Check this out… Your lungs are currently exchanging oxygen through tiny airs sacs into the blood to be delivered to every cell in your body for survival. Your brain makes 2 million cells a second. Your nose (brain) can remember over 50,000 different scents. Energy output of the

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Let Food Be Your Medicine

Food is fuel! Food is nutrition! Look at food as the source you receive your vital minerals and vitamins to live healthy. Read labels. Eat less things from a box. Keep your diet simple yet colorful, meaning whole fresh foods with a variety (colorful veggies and fruitswith your proteins). In most cases, the less processed

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Why Chiropractic for Infants

Have you ever wondered why a Chiropractor would check an infant within the first month, week or even hours of his or her life? This was an odd thought not that long ago. Now it’s a common question and a more common thing to do these days. So why should an infant be checked? Well

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