Remembering your body wants to be healthy. That’s right!

The best thing you can do this winter season to keep healthy is remembering well-being is your natural state. Your body has an innate ability to be healthy and strong. Your body’s immune system is the strongest fighting mechanism against any cold or flu you come in contact with. You were born with it! When your body is healthy and functioning properly, your immune response is the strongest pill/shot you have against any foreign bugs this winter. Remembering that is key to how you approach staying healthy during the winter months. Take care of your body and it will work wonders for you!

As you have most likely heard before; diet, physical activity and rest all play a major role in keeping you healthy. Having a majority of your diet filled with nutrient-dense foods, which are full of minerals, vitamins and usually less calorie-dense, will keep you healthy. A Paleo-Mediterranean diet is full of nutrient-dense whole food. Receiving quality, adequate sleep along with moderate physical activity daily keeps that body of yours’ functioning more properly. These are great to help you feel your best.

Something you may not know or feel is whether or not your spine is aligned. Misalignment’s in your spine can be detrimental to your health.

Your immune system and nervous system are interconnected. If your nervous system is functioning at its best, your immune system will be functioning at a higher quality. Your nervous system controls everything. Starts with the brain to the spinal cord and out your spinal foreman to your body by the way of peripheral nerves. Keeping your spine aligned by receiving chiropractic treatments regularly helps keep your spinal nerves working properly. When your nervous system is free of interference your immune system and body overall function at a higher level.

Along with having your spine checked regularly by a Chiropractor for spinal misalignment’s that can be causing spinal nerve interference, working on keeping a good posture is key to helping your spine stay healthy.


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